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Flour mill rollers are used to grind wheat and other grains into flour in flour mills. Grinding rollers are the main components in flour mills. The quality of the grinding roller is directly influence the quality of Flour, cost and economic benefits. So you must choose high quality grinding rollers as long as you use.
With a history of more than 20 years, the grinding roller is the key product of our factory. The body of the grinding roller is manufactured with quality alloy, such as high nickel, chromium, molybdenum and high quality pig iron smelted in electrical furnace and founded by composite centrifugal casting technology.

High-quality carbon structural steel is adopted quenching and tempering is done to ensure steady turning of the grinding roll and low noise.

Grinding rolls of our company are of complete models and high quality, which have exported in India, Africa, Europe and have gained good reputation from our customers and partners.

We can also produce all kinds of grinding rolls with special specification according to customers requirement.

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From IRON&STEEL GROUP,CO.LTD among the top 500 Chinese enterprises.

1. Thickness of alloy layer 25mm+which is thicker than most factories, Thus can make sure of the hardness of roller better than other’s.
2. Technology and material of alloy .roller body is made of high quality nickel –Chromium-Molybdenum alloy by compound centrifugal casting plus electric furnace smelting technology, make sure our rolls of high hardness, homogenization and wear property

1. Dynamic balance tests are done to guarantee the accuracy of stable running of rolls.
2. From row material to finished product, more than 20 steps, each step with times of strict tests to make sure high quality of our rolls.

1. Competitive price with better quality, longtime service of our rolls, more profitable to our customers.

The price is cheaper but quality is better than Turkey’s.

Main technical parameters

Main technical parameters of the grinding roller

Hardness of roll body(H.S.)

Hardness of sand roll(H.S.)

Hardness of Head Axis(H.B)

Thickness of alloy layer(mm)





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Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry detail02
Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry detail03
Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry detail05
Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry detail06
Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry detail01
Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry detail04

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Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry pakage01
Rollers for Flour and Grain Industry pakage02

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