Food Machinery Grinding Roller

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These kind of Rollers are used for crushing or cracking, grinding, breaking, refining, reducing, flaking, crushing, processing various food materials.

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For Malt:
2 or 3 rolls for malt mill - Used to crack malt kernels into smaller pieces to help extract sugars and starches. Important for brewing and distilling.

For Coffee Beans:
Coffee roller mill - Usually 2 or 3 grinding rollers that grind and crush beans into smaller and uniform sizes. Important for proper coffee extraction and flavor.

For Cocoa Beans:
Cocoa nib grinder - 2 or 5 granulating rollers that finely grind roasted cocoa beans into cocoa liquor/paste. Important step in chocolate making.

For Chocolate:
Chocolate refiner - Typically 3 or 5 rollers that further grind chocolate liquor into small uniform particles to achieve desired texture.

For Cereals/Grains:
Flaking mill - 2 or 3 rollers to roll out grains into flattened cereal flakes like oats or corn flakes.
Roller mill - 2 or 3 rollers to grind grains into coarse to fine particles for food or animal feed.

For Biscuits/Cookies:
Sheeting mill - 2 rollers to sheet dough to desired thickness before cutting shapes.

The number of rollers, roller material, and gap between rollers can be adjusted to achieve the desired crushing/grinding/flaking effect for different applications. Choosing the right roller mill is important for optimal refining, texture, and end product quality.

Advantages of rolls in food machinery

  • Better Roll Material: Carefully select roller materials, carefully choose to use hard alloy roll materials, good hardness, wear resistance, good heat resistance, long service life.
  • Processing management: 6S standard management for roll processing, full-process random inspection for workshop procurement and inspection, forming quality inspection.
  • Qualified inspection: Over 20 years of experience for engineers to debug, ensure debugging is qualified according to customer requirements.
  • Reliable quality: Strict quality control, ensure reliable product quality, and provide packaging solutions.
  • Custom-made rolls: We can provide the rollers with different hardness according to your requirements and the application of the roll
  • Cost saving: Physical factory, customization on demand, support customization of processing according to provided drawings and samples.
  • Stable delivery time: Multiple production lines with Mature production process ensure timely delivery.

Main technical parameters

Main Technical Parameter

Diameter of Roll Body

Length of Roll Surface

Hardness of Roll Body

Thickness of Alloy Layer





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