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Feed stuff machines are used in animal feed production to process grains and other ingredients into animal feeds. The feed rolls are a key part of the machine that crush, grind, and mix the feed ingredients.

The rollers apply pressure and shearing forces to break down the feed materials. They can have different surface textures and gap sizes depending on the required particle size of the finished feed. Common types of rollers include fluted rollers, smooth rollers, and corrugated rollers.

Feed rollers are usually made of hardened steel alloys to withstand the forces and wear involved in feed processing. The rollers are driven by motors and gearboxes at different speeds to propel the feed through the machine.

The clearance between the rollers can be adjusted to achieve the desired particle size reduction of the feed ingredients. The rollers are often paired with magnets, sieves, and other components to remove metal debris and separate out particles.

Proper roller design, speed, and gap settings are important for achieving target throughput rates, low energy consumption, and optimal feed quality in terms of particle size, mixing, and pellet durability. Regular maintenance of the rollers is also essential.

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Advantages of feed rolls in animal feed processing

  • Roll Size - customized diameter and width by customers in different designs including smooth, corrugated, and fluted rolls.
  • Roll Materials - Feed rolls are typically made of hardened steel or chrome alloy for durability against abrasion and impacts.
  • Balance - Rolls are dynamically balanced to avoid vibration issues at high speeds above 1000 rpm.
  • Roll Gap - The small clearance between the rolls determines particle size based on ingredient type.
  • Hardness - Feed rolls are made from hardened steel or chrome alloys that resist abrasion and deformation. Hardness levels range from 50-65 HRC.

Main technical parameters

Main technical parameters of the grinding roller

Diameter of Roll Body

Length of Roll Surface

Hardness of Roll Body

Thickness of alloy layer(mm)





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