Kazakhstan’s total oilseed exports to the EU in 2023

oilseed exports to the EU in 2023_01According to Agro News Kazakhstan, in the 2023 marketing year, Kazakhstan’s flaxseed export potential is estimated at 470,000 tons, up 3% from the previous quarter. Sunflower seed exports could reach 280,000 tons (+25%). The export potential for sunflower seed oil is estimated at 190,000 tons (+7%), and for sunflower meal at 170,000 tons, up 7% from the previous quarter.
According to data for the 2021/22 marketing year, Kazakhstan’s total oilseed exports to the EU are estimated at 358,300 tons, accounting for 28% of total oilseed exports, up 39% from total exports to the EU in the previous quarter.

Oilseeds account for about 88% of Kazakhstan’s total exports to the EU, oilseed meals and cakes about 11%, and vegetable oils only about 1%. At the same time, in the EU market, Kazakhstan’s share of exported oilseeds is 37%, meal and cake is 28%, and oil is about 2%.

In 2021/22, Kazakhstan’s oilseed exports to EU countries were dominated by flaxseed, accounting for 86% of shipments. About 8% were oilseeds and 4% were soybeans. At the same time, 59% of Kazakhstan’s total flaxseed exports went to the EU market, while last quarter this figure was 56%.
In 2021/22, Kazakhstan’s largest oilseed buyers in the EU were Belgium (52% of total supply) and Poland (27%). At the same time, compared to the previous quarter, Belgium’s imports of Kazakhstan’s oilseeds increased by 31%, Poland by 23%. Lithuania ranked third among importing countries, purchasing over 46 times more than in 2020/21, accounting for 7% of total EU country imports.

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Post time: Aug-24-2023