Tang Chui’s “High-quality Grain and Grease Rolls” won the Excellent Award of the China Grain and Oil Industry in 2017

High-quality Grain and Grease Rolls01Grease roller is a key spare part of the billet mill and crusher of oil pretreatment equipment. Short service life, low wear resistance and heat resistance, edge drop and other shortcomings have always plagued users. However, grain and oil roller independently produced by Changsha Tangchui Rolls Co., Ltd. has excellent wear resistance, heat and fatigue resistance, and has a long service life. The feeding effect is good and the embryo thickness is uniform, which effectively solves the technical problems of rollers that are easy to peel, pit, peel off and crack in the past.

In the production process of TC rollers, centrifuges and tooling equipment developed by independent intellectual property rights are adopted to ensure the high quality of the roller. At present, it has been widely used in: China Grain and Grease (Changsha) Co., Ltd., COFCO Grain and Oil Industry (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., Louis Dafu Feed Protein Co., Ltd., Bangji (Nanjing) Grain and Oil Co., Ltd., Luhua Group, Russia and other large grease processing enterprises at home and abroad. Generally, there is no need to grind rollers within 6 months.

On-site detection of TC rollers, the thickness of the working layer is uniform, the hardness is uniform, the residual stress is uniform, and it has excellent roller-type retention. According to the reaction of users at home and abroad to the use of TC rollers and infinite cold hard rollers, the wear resistance and toughness of TC rollers are 3-4 times that of ordinary rollers, and the comprehensive technical level is very good. It is one of the few rollers in the domestic grease industry that can replace imported rollers.

The breakthrough of these technologies will actively promote the technological progress of the grease equipment manufacturing industry, especially for the localization of large-scale oil pretreatment equipment. Thanks to the affirmation and recognition of the China Grain.

Post time: Aug-24-2023